Basic Steps To Effective Article Writing

The ultimate guide of effective article writing

In today’s life, the methods of writing taught in school and college do not work in real life at all. Many people write the way their readers don’t like and they not reading the article completely, writing in this way is taking your customer away from you and taking down your business.
Whether you are writing your resume or email to your girlfriend, you should come to write something in such a way that once you read your article, start reading. They should not able to stop them to read the full article and finally he gets to understand what you wanted to explain to him. In the article, you will know how to write an article keeping your readers in mind.

What will you learn from this ?

  1. You will know why it is important to keep the reader in mind while writing.
  2. You will know how do you increase your customers by the help of Facebook
  3. You will know how do you write the content of website needed.

Everyone can learn to write well if they follow some rules

Basic Steps To Effective Article Writing

In your time if you are running a company or anyone if you are messaging on Facebook, then you have to write well needed. Every day we keep writing something somewhere, now whether it is our blog or an email.  This allows us to attracting customers or your angler makes us believe that why we are right for their work are individuals.

For example, if you are running a company, then its write clearly on the homepage what your company can help customers in some way.  Many companies here but use words that the customer uses well cannot understand and he goes away.

So before writing well, you must first decide have to do what is the purpose of your writing.  Whatever you what are you trying to explain by writing too? Once you know this, you see that think of him as a reader.  Imagine this reader what kind of language does it use.  Is he/she married?  What does he/she like what kind of problem is she upset about? When you have all this information, start writing.

At first you can’t able write anything good

Basic Steps To Effective Article Writing

Many people think that great writers are just their pen pick up and write a best-selling book.  They themselves some of them hope that at one time they let’s write it down but because it is often impossible happens, they get frustrated with themselves and stop writing.

At the beginning of writing you just write a draft.  This is absolutely useless and you write all your thoughts in it let’s put. But you should not be disappointed to see this, but there is a need to improve it.

If you are writing for an exam and in the middle you want to give an example to explain something, but if you don’t understand which example to give, then there you write something like this – [Give an example]. After this, when you get a good example, you can place it there write it down in this way your ugly first the draft will be ready. 

After this it is the turn to edit it and make it beautiful. For this, you can use two methods.
  • The first way is developmental editing, in which you first wrote let’s try to explain things better. You let us see which words are not clear.
  • This makes you keep the reader away from Confuse people.  
  • The second method is line editing.  In this you see which the words have been repeated over and over and in how you can make the draft more clear.

To grab most the attention of the reader please tell the important thing first

Basic Steps To Effective Article Writing

Often we save the most useful thing for the end keep it. But what if the fallout has reached its end? What if they run away bored already?  So write your became useless. So that’s the strongest part of your article,
  • Write it down first. The purpose of the first sentence should be forcing the reader to read the entire article.  
  • After this as soon as possible do and tell him what the benefit is after reading this will happen.
 For Examples, You can never start your article do not do it this way by going to the mountains of Assam, we have talked to the farmers who could not use any chemical in their fields do not use thousands of farmers grew through hard work this tea leaf is gone, which will relieve your fatigue and will keep you healthy.
Here at the beginning you are talking about something that does not mean to the reader.  
Write it this way we can bring you that tea leaf which will eliminate your fatigue and is very good for your health will be. It is in the fields of those thousands of farmers living in Assam made from the tea that grows in it, do not use chemicals.
 In this way, after reading the first sentence, the reader will find out what their advantage is in this. The        other one information is also important, but the reader will read it only when he will feel that it is of his use.  If you already have four pages writing something that is just information and those who read it he do not understand what he would benefit from it, So chances are he will not make it to the end.

To make your face book page a success then keep your customers in mind before posting

Basic Steps To Effective Article Writing

Most people post when they like it. But this is wrong. You should post when you people should be online.  This way they will be able to see what you want to show them, or lose your post over time will go and people won’t see it.
To connect with your audience, you need to show their interest should keep in mind and post. You got a lot from Facebook such information keeps on getting, such as gender, income, religion, living and you also get to know that they what kind of thing attracts more. This way you can give information to people who are of their age, gender or income people like it.
For example Prep Obsessed uses Facebook Started in 2013. They have 55,000 fans in just 9 months. To connect with those people He Had spent only Rs 7 rupees. In this way a lot of people got to know him and his customers grew. Also he upload their content at one time.  His every post on Friday because its weekend the next day is about to begin.  They are empty in the evening.  In this way they are able to see his content well and stay connected with him.

Make your company or websites about page write by keep customers in mind

Often people about their company on the About Us page they start writing things that customers do not know one.  Here they start telling all things about themselves, so that the customer gets bored.  But here you should tell them so that your customer knows you well and can connect with you.
For a testament, do not tell your customers this first that what person is working in your company, rather explain how your company does its customers every day is working to improve life.  You them do not tell how you make your product, Rather, tell us how you care about their needs trying to complete it by keeping it in about your page according to your customer should be written from  You different photos and videos you can make it beautiful so that your customer can easily understand your point.


Anyone can learn to write well.  First of all you need to know for whom you are writing and the way they think, talk or what i  like it.  Then see what you have to explain trying.  After this, the most important thing is first attract your customers by writing.  Do it absolutely easy and anyone can do it.

What to do?

Start your writing from today.Do not leave your writing practice for tomorrow.  Whenever are you posting something on Facebook or Twitter or someone sending an email to the customer, you try to improve the method. Forget the ways your school looks. At school we were asked to write an essay in five paragraphs. is.  Also we have more numbers to use difficult words See you also.  But writing in this way is not just in writing, it is also very difficult to read.  You always clearly try to write in easy words

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