7 ways to attract more people towards your business

7 ways to attract more people towards your business

To make any product successful, it has to get into the hearts of people. No matter how good your product is, your customers will not come to you until you work to keep your customers connected to you using the right methods. Or even if they come, very soon your competition will pull them towards you. That is why you need to make people loyal to your product. But how?

This article will give you the answer to this question. This will help you understand how to use Psychology to reach people and win their hearts. We have mention 7 ways. With the help of those, you can attract anyone.

You will get to know

  • How is the iPhone successful despite being so expensive?
  • How does banning the use of a product increase its usage?
  • How can you understand your company and use it the correct way?

  • 7 ways to attract people towards your business

    1-We are all attracted to other people and want to attract people towards us

    Being attracted means seeing any beautiful thing and seeing it. It may be a song, it may be a person or it may be a sight, but the question is, where does it originate and why?

    The attraction used to be a way to keep us alive In the earlier times when an animal was attracted to another animal of its species, then it was able to form good relationships with them. It was found most among humans and in this way we were able to form a society and make a family. When a man is attracted to a woman, he forms a family and takes his species further.

    Apart from this, we can make the custom. For example, in research, some photos were shown to a young child. It was found that when that child was shown a picture of a human being, he used to watch it twice the time. This proves that the feeling of being with people like ourselves and liking them is there before we are born and nobody teaches us. In the same way, we can create good societies by attracting people like us.

    It was only a matter of one side, we are not attracted towards others, but we also want to attract them towards ourselves. When boys or girls reach the age of 15 for the exam, they will automatically make each other happy. Try to look good and try to make good jokes in front of them and try to win their hearts. This means that we also want to attract people and are attracted to them.

    2-Due to Lust, sometimes we take wrong decisions by ignoring other things

    Many people have a habit of eating pizza and burgers. Whenever he comes out in front of a restaurant, he will not be able to stop himself from going there, in the same way, many of us are not able to stop him from playing a particular game or watching a movie. The desire to get it drags us there. This desire is called lust

    Lust means it is a very deep feeling to aspire to something before it is found and almost everyone has been hit by it at some point or the other.

    In one study, a monkey was given a grapefruit. When the monkey saw the grape, his mind filled with movements, when he took it in his hands, his brain movements increased further, which shows that The desire to eat that grape is filled inside. But when he used to eat it, his mind used to lose its movement.

    This means that the eagerness you get when a desire for something is created does not give you as much happiness after the completion of the city, the more restlessness you feel before watching a movie. When watching that movie or after watching it, you don’t get so relaxed, your brain shows the need for that thing by magnifying it.

    It also means that any person can use this weakness to get us done. Companies use this to generate desire for their product in us so that we forget the rest of the things and buy their product first.

    Some games like Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s creed often use it, they take out different parts of the play games and their fans wait very eagerly for the next part after playing one game full. As the next lesson of their game launches. They become mad at playing without any thought to it. All this is because of lust. After playing that game you will not get so relaxed as the desire to play it is being born in you.

    3-We become very much curious about the mystery

    Perhaps you have heard the name of Bermuda Triangle is a place where any ship or airplane that has never been returned to date, what is there in this place? Many people gave their furries to find out, but no one knows which of them is, yet some films have also been written novel on it.

    On hearing this, many people start to desire to know about it. It is called a mystery whenever we come across such a question that no one knows the answer to, we start imagining it. We start talking to others about it and start getting their opinion, in other words, we are attracted to that thing.

    Many companies use this method. And that makes many people their customers. For example, you must have heard the name of your Bahubali movie, you will probably not find such a person here. Who has seen the first part of Bahubali but has not seen the second part, for 2 years people were asking only one question, why did Katappa kill Bahubali?

    In the case of films, Avengers Infinity war also made good use of it. At the end of this movie, half the superheroes die and Villan succeeds in his cause. After this, the second part was the Avengers Endgame, which people were eagerly waiting to see, that how the Avengers defeat Thanos and bring back the lost superheroes.

    In this way companies used to try to attract people by using mystery.

    4-The things that threaten us, we are also very much attracted by those things

    During the exam season, some students studying so much in 1 day that they do not study in the whole year, some students wake up the whole night before the exam by the night and complete their project files. The same situation happens for many people while filing their taxes, They do not fill until their date comes to a close. Once he feels that he has only 2 days to file the tax, he goes all night and fulfills it.

    In this way, when we are threatened by something, we start getting attracted to it. The reason for this is that the consequences of chronicling that work can be bad. But very often when we try to intimidate people by using the wrong things, it does not have any effect. We can afraid them with only those things that immediately threaten them.

    An advertisement to avoid drink and drive children who are under 18 years of age shows them a very scary photo. This photo was of people who were driving after drinking alcohol and their accident caused them to either become bedridden for a lifetime or to get their face disfigured. But it doesn’t affect any of those children.

    Then the advertising company pulled out that if the children were drunk and driving, then their license would be canceled. This proved to be very effective. The children were not afraid of death, but the fear that they would not be able to drive again if their license was gone. In this way, they felt that they were in danger and they agreed.

    Many companies use it to tell you that if you did not buy their product then what risk you may have, for example, you must have heard that the offer is available for a limited time. Here they are aware that if you do not take some steps immediately, then this opportunity can come out of your hands forever.

    5-People get associated with a particular company to get fame

    Every one of us wants to be in a high-level position and people look at us as good and successful people. We often see the lifestyle of film stars and rich people in newspapers. Because somewhere we also want to get what they have, that’s why these magazines and newspapers are so famous.

    When we all know that by doing some special work our status in the society will rise, then we start doing that work. Many companies use this weakness of ours. So that we make ourselves feel high by using their expensive products.

    For example, Take Apple’s iPhone. If you research, then you will find that Apple iPhone does not have any such feature that Samsung has not added to their smartphones, but still, if you get a chance to choose one of the two, then you will definitely choose the iPhone. But why?

    One reason for this is that iPhone is expensive and that is why many people are not able to buy it. Because of their being expensive, only a few people can take them and some people are of high status. This is the reason why many people buy it on loan as well. Just to raise their status.

    In addition, many companies show in their ad that their products are made in very small quantities and can be finished anytime. The best way is to reach as many people as possible. Expensive brands use their symbols so that people can put them in front of everyone and show everyone that they are using that brand item.

    Many companies allow their employees to wear certain kinds of clothes or to drive a certain type of vehicle when they do good work so that their good employees connect with that company because working there makes them feel classy. For example, a cosmetic brand named Meri allows its best employees to drive a pink-colored deluxe car that their employees do not leave.

    6-When people trust you, they will be more attracted to you

    In one study, some children were given two chicken nuggets to eat. One nugget was wrapped in-plane paper and one in McDonnell’s paper. When the children were asked which nugget was tastier, they described the nugget wrapped in McDonald’s paper as tastier while the two were the same.

    The reason behind such behavior is trust. Every restaurant in McDonald’s looks the same, the taste of the burger is always the same whether you eat in your city restaurant or somewhere else, you will always get the same taste in this way if you ever in an unknown city and you have trouble deciding where you should eat, then the McDonald will be the best because you know what you will get there.

    What is special about trust is that it takes a lot of time to come short, but it does not take much time to run away, you can earn a lot of profit by winning the trust of people, but once a mistake breaks their trust then you have to make every effort to make it immediately. But this could be difficult to achieve once again.

    Take maggie for an example. When people go to the store, they don’t say give me noodles. They say give me Maggi. For a long time, whenever a person feels the need to eat something immediately, then the only name used to come to our mind is Maggi, but many people were accused of adding a large amount of monosodium glutamate in Maggi. Eating high amounts of monosodium glutamate affects health. which made people lose their trust in him.

    But later it was reported that Maggi is safe and it will be safe forever. Then again Maggi can win the trust of millions of people.

    7-Understand your company well and adopt the right way to attract people

    Now you know about 7 triggers. With these, you can attract your customers or anyone. But by using which of these you can get the most benefit, for this you have to use a 3-step formula.

    Evolution, development, and Execution

    First of all, let’s talk about Evolution. This means that in this step you have to investigate, you try to check your company and find out how your customers talk about your company, how they see your company, and how they try to stay connected.

    When customers start associating with a company, they are more attracted to it. For example, a whisky company allows its customers to get the bottle by writing their name on their bottle level. and the company tries to join them by email, phone, or photo so that their customer will be attracted to them.

    You can also find out about other companies like yourself, how they try to connect with their planets, in this way you will be able to pay special attention to your company’s model. And whatever other companies are doing, you try to do something better than them. For example in the previous lesson we have discussed McDonnell, we saw how they can win their trust by giving their customers the same service everywhere. Their trigger is trust, if you try to understand your company well then you can get your trigger.

    Grow the idea of using triggers to make your company a success

    Now you have seen how you can try to attract people to you by using the right trigger. Once you have understood your company well by your customers and have found out which place you can benefit from using, then the time has come to use it.

    Here you can try to make decent use of the seven triggers. It is not necessary to work on your company or your customers everywhere, but you should use more and more triggers to increase your chances of success.

    Then try to find out what it is that your customers like. Because of which people use your product, once you find out, then you can use the triggers well.

    For example take the Nike brand, which is a shoe company. They thought that people would get a lot of interest in the story behind them, so they put a photo of waffle iron on their business cards. And it works like a mystery. Because when people see that image, they try to know what is the reason behind it.

    One day Nike’s founder put the rubber in a waffle iron, which created the logo of Nike, so people try to connect with them by knowing the stories behind them.

    Apart from this, Disneyland also always works in a way to win the trust of their customers so that when people come there before they know what they are going to get there. But at the same time, they always try to bring something new so that people will come there to see that new thing and their eagerness remains.

    To make your idea a reality, you have to convince your team

    As long as you do not change your idea into reality, there is no difference in whether or not your idea is there, so on the last step, you will have to do everything that you can to change your idea into reality.

    For this, you have to recognize your strength, you will have to tell your team about your mission and your plan so that they can help you in this, it can be very difficult to do any work without them alone.

    You have to understand your point well by making a presentation and go to the depths of your idea and try to understand every aspect so that you can persuade them for this, as well as show them an example related to their idea. In what ways are other companies using that method and achieving success? Tell your people why your idea works.

    You already know 7 ways to attract people. Try to use one of the methods in these ways, once you get the support of your people to convince them, then you are ready to start.

    Set a specific goal to determine your success. Seeing the common goal does not create motivation in people and they stop working with time. When you set certain goals and you know exactly what you want to achieve so you can do something much better.

    To achieve your goal, divide it into small goals so that you can complete it well.


    To attract people, first, you have to understand them well and then use different triggers to attract them. The triggers are Lust, Secret, Threat, Fame, Power, Interruption, and Trust.

    What to do?

    When you refuse people to do any work or buy anything, then you want to do the same work. That is why you have to get someone to do some work, then do not ask him to do that work immediately rather talk to them about your topic, then tell them what they have to do and then ask them not to do that work, in this way, they are willing to do that work.

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