Content curation-How To Curate Content The Best Way To Grow Your Brand

Content curation-How To Curate Content The Best Way To Grow Your Brand

In today’s time, we have so much information that when we out of it to find something useful, then we get many things without any work. In such a situation if you are trying to solve this problem of people then you are a content curator. Content curation means an information-filled ocean separating information about people’s work so that they can easily find what they are searching for. If you are working to make content for people, then you should know how you can understand the needs of your audience and give them content by their needs. This article tells you how you can do this work.

Content curation-How To Curate Content The Best Way To Grow Your Brand

Today we have a lot of information and it became difficult to find the thing about our work from it

Many people say that in today’s time we can get anything from the internet very easily. But it often happens with us that we go on the internet to find something and we do not find what we are looking for. Information about our work remains buried in the middle of other types of information.  Which makes it difficult for us to find it?
In 2010, Google Chairman Eric Smith said that since 2003, 5 Exabyte information has increased on the Internet, which is very high. Since then, so much information is being uploaded on the internet every other day.
With so much information, two websites are working for us for that we can find our work item.  Those are named – Tech mem and Media Gazer.  It brings the headlines of all the topics-related articles in one place and shows them to the people according to their popularity.
The article that has been read the most is placed at the top of the list and the lowest read is placed at the most bottom.  If the popularity of an article increases, then he goes away to the top.
But will any article be of our use only because it has been read by many people? People don’t discover what is popular, people find out if it is of their use. Machines can do this only to an extent. After this, we need a human to solve this problem later.

To be a good content curator you must have five characteristics

So now it is the turn to know how you can bring content people the content which is of their use.  For this, you should have these five characteristics.
First of all, you should come to make good content yourself.  If you are taking the content of other people and showing it to your audience, then you are distributing it among the people.  If you want to really help people, then you have to write good content and in between, you will have to give a link to another website where a person can get more information about that topic.
After this, you will have to work on a fixed schedule. Just imagine how you would feel if your favorite show is 9:00 am once in the morning and 12:00 pm the next day?  If you are uploading an article every day, then do it every day and if you are doing it once a week then upload once a week on the same day. This will let your audience know when to come to the website.
Third, don’t expect it after uploading the content that people will come to you on their own.  You keep promoting it constantly. To do this, you can use social media. See where your audience is spending their time and then go in front of them and tell them about yourself as well as give them the link to your website.
 After this, you should keep talking to your audience. Keep trying to understand them, keep commenting on their post, and try to be in their midst by all means.
Lastly, share the content of other people.  If you came to across a post on social media that you like, keep sharing it with your followers. By this other content creators will also get to know you and that too will share your post.

Buzz-feed is a very good example of content curation

Now let us see which is the website that does the work of content curation? The name that comes at the top of this is Buzzfeed where 150 million people go read something every month.
To know the reason for its success, we have to see how people are using the internet in today’s time. In today’s time, people do not go to a website to get information, but they spend most of their time on social media. We get to know from there what is happening in the world.
Buzzfeed knows this well and wants its article to be shared on social media. That’s why they always inspire their people to take his articles and share them on Facebook and Twitter. In this way, they reach more and more people.
 Apart from the algorithm, Buzzfeed takes humans to help also.  With their help, he separates the content that is for the work of the people, so that his audience gets better information. From websites like Time and AOL, It finds out what’s going on in the trend right now and then a person from his team writes a topic in fun ways that people can remember and share this. This website contains many interesting headlines in articles that make people know what the article all about is.   

There are many ways to curate content

Now we will talk about how you can curate your content.  There are many ways of content curation but the effective methods are – Aggregation and Distillation.
In aggregation, you can find many links related to a topic and you can keep the websites in one place so that people click on one of them to get that information. Buzzfeed is a good example of where many links are in one place.
In distillation, the general information is taken from many places and writes in small so that people instead of going to 10 places get all the information in one place. For example take the Facebook app itself, where you get a summary of many books in small.  It doesn’t require you to read the entire book and also you get to know about your work in small.
Apart from this, over time there are many other ways that we can do content curation. On YouTube, we show the content with the help of the video. People watch and upload videos they like. But due to the number of videos in it, the important videos of their work get lost somewhere.
To overcome this problem YouTube gives the option to subscribe. If you think that a channel is uploading your work-related content, you can subscribe to it and later easily find it. As well as YouTube also offers the option to create playlists where you can put the content together so that people can easily get it.


Due to a lot of information on the internet, people are not getting their work easily. In such a situation you can keep good articles in one place for them so that they can get their work thing easily. You can rewrite the long articles in short which can save people’s time. If you want to make your people happy then listen to their feedback and give them content according to their interests.

What to do?

Use video in your content.
Over time, people have started liking videos more. So if you are making a product, you’re your customers about it with the help of a video. In that video, show how your customers used it and got better results. This way you can tell people about the benefits of your product.
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