How to influence people by your speaking

How to influence people by your speaking

In today’s time, the world needs leaders very much.  We need people who can work to make our society better than before.  We want people who can create a good business and bring good products to the market so that people benefit.  But to be able to do all this, he has to become an expert in one art and that is public speaking
Take any successful person in the world; it has the strength that it can influence many people at once.  But many people start shaking with the name of the stage itself.  Everyone wants to be successful, but this is the fear that the eldest man once feared to go to fight, this article is the solution to your fear.  It tells you how you can become an expert in the art of public speaking.
How to speak in stage in front of a lot of people without hesitation

To be a better public speaker, you have to think about your topic rather than thinking about yourself

We are not driving by reading a book.  If any person has to learn to drive, then he needs to learn by driving it. In the same way, if you want to learn public speaking, then you have to go and speak in front of people.  There will be mistakes from you in the beginning, but it happens to everyone.  With those mistakes, you can learn to speak better. 
The great public speakers of the world also got nervous when they went on stage for the first time.  But becoming a public speaker does not mean that you do not feel afraid.  This means that you should overcome that fear.  Now you must be thinking how can you get rid of your fear?  There are three ways you can do this. 
First of all, stop thinking about yourself and think about your given topic.  Many people start thinking about what people are thinking about them as soon as they go on stage, or if they think I am looking bad? Do not think about all this and pay attention to your message that you have come to tell people. 
After this, prepare your speech in advance.  Many people go on stage without preparing and there he forgets what he had to say.  In this way, they start to panic more.  So always remember and practice your speech.  Then at the end when you go to speak, hope that you will be able to speak.  Keep your humility. Keep your fears aside and start speaking with an open mind next to you.  In the beginning, everyone does bad, but after practicing for some time, all the people start speaking well.

Instead of speaking in a tone, emphasize the important words of your talk 

While listening to the songs, you must have noticed that different melodies are used in them.  Just think how would it feel to listen to your favorite song if only one kind of tune was played in it and the song was sung in only one tone?  If anything shows only one quality, it does not look beautiful.  Think about how the world would have been if it had been colored in only one color?  How will it feel if everything becomes white-colored everywhere around you? 
The meaning of saying here is that while speaking, do not ever speak in such a way that the listener feels that you are saying something by rote.  Keep changing your tone according to the need and emphasize the essential parts of your sentence. For example, if you have to say – “success is not the result of your luck, but of your actions” so here you identify some important words of this sentence, such as success, luck, deeds, and result.  Now speak these important words with a little emphasis so that these words sound different from the rest of the words. 
But speaking out loud does not mean just shout.  This means saying it in a different way so that the hearer understands that those words are important words of the sentence.  If you were speaking out loud, then say those important words aloud. If you are speaking normally then say those important words loud. Or you try to say something different in your style so that it sounds different from the rest of the words. 
There are three ways to speak the essential part of your talk differently.  The first is to change your speech, the second is to change your speed of speech and the third is to stop and speak for a while.  When we are telling something funny, we speak fast and when we talk about some beautiful moments, we speak comfortably.  This causes our tones to be different. 
After this, if you stop just before or immediately after speaking your important thing, then that thing will be different from the rest, or if you start speaking your sentence at a fast pace, and in the end, if you speak slowly then it feels different.  In this way, you can make your speech attractive.

The person who creates emotions by his words is a very good speaker

A human is always forced in front of his feelings.  This is what adds color to our life and makes them beautiful.  If you can somehow create a feeling in your listeners, then they will like you very much.  This is why people go to watch comedy shows more and watch a documentary less because it creates a feeling in comedy – which is happiness. 
Not only this, even in sales, when we pay more attention to the feelings of the customer, then we are able to sell our product easily.  People do not buy a new iPhone because it is good.  The iPhone does not offer any features that Samsung or Oppo or Vivo do not offer.  But if iPhone and other smartphones are placed in front of you, then chances are high that you will choose the iPhone.  Why?  Because people feel that using it raises their status. 
Emotions drive our lives.  So if you can overcome the emotions in some way, then you can control the hearts of people.  How can you create emotion in people?  In simple words, practice it.  Whichever topic you are speaking on, you have to enter it completely.  Settle it in your soul and get completely into it. 
When actors prepare for their role, they have feelings in it To get born completely get into the character.  A few hours before the shooting, they lock themselves in a room and practice for just one scene.  In this way, they are able to instill emotions in the viewers and win their hearts.  If you also have to do this, then you also have to prepare your topic well.

Along with speaking, you also have to pay attention to your gestures

The gesture means moving your hands and your body according to your speech while speaking.  These are the gestures by which people can understand your point very well.  To become an expert in this, you will also need practice. 
First of all, do not try to force them out.  The gesture should automatically come out from inside you and if you try to force it out, people will immediately know that it is fake.  But this does not mean that you cannot practice it. 
To improve the gesture, you can practice it again and again.  It is not necessary that you practice each gesture in the same way and use it the same way every time.  Sometimes this is not possible.  It should come out from within you from time to time.  If you listen to a promising speaker giving the same speech twice, you will see that their gestures keep changing. 
After this, you have to pay attention to whether the gestures coming out of you are matching with your speech and your tone.  Many times we make gestures that look very bad.  For this, you can practice it by looking in the mirror.  See which gestures look good, which can be improved, and which you need to remove.  Over time you will get used to it and you will be able to do it better.
The most important thing here is that those gestures should come out naturally from inside you.  Using fake gestures is exactly the same as coloring your garden’s dried plants with green.  The more you practice it, the easier it will become for you. 
Apart from this, too much gesture distracts people’s attention.  Remember that you do not move your hands or your body too much.  Also, pay attention to your facial expressions.

Increase your power of argument 

Many times we say such things that we have difficulty in proving.  Sometimes we start giving our opinion and many people do not accept that opinion.  So it is very important that whatever you say, you should also have the strength to prove it, otherwise your said words can be used against you.  Also, if you are unable to prove your point, people will not trust you.  Apart from this, if you ever get into an argument with someone, then you should also come to answer his point.  Both are necessary to prove their point and to argue with others. 
So you also have to learn how you can prove your point right and also learn how you can prove your opponents wrong.  For this, you have to pay attention to four things that are being debated, the evidence to prove that point, what else can be the meaning of that matter, and the result of that matter.  With the help of the 8 questions given below, you can do both of them by paying attention to these aspects. 
To understand the matter that is being debated, you should ask yourself whether it has been clearly stated.  The second question is to ask yourself whether whatever was said has been fully stated.  Is complete information given?  Is there anything missing in that information? 
After this, pay attention to the evidence to prove that point.  Ask yourself this question – which expert has not said that thing?  Is that person really an expert?  Is that Can you think right?  Ask the second question – Are all the factors being taken care of?  Are all those facts saying the same thing or different?  Are they really facts or is it anyone’s opinion? 
Then comes the turn to understand what else that meaning can mean.  On the basis of the facts on which that matter is being said, can it not have some other meaning?  The second question is, what can be said to prove what you are saying wrong, then it comes at the end, what can be the result of the said thing.  In this, you ask yourself whether you have said something that is not based on the evidence?  And the second question is, are all the evidence pointing to the same thing?

Tell your listeners a story so they can imagine

Most people do not like information, numbers, and statistics.  People do not enjoy knowing how many people died due to cigarette or alcohol consumption in the last 10 years.  If you put a lot of information on your topic, then it will look dry.  You have to make it fun to fill the juice. 
Use stories to make anything fun.  On hearing stories, we start making fantasies, we start going to different places in our minds, and in this way we listen to the talk of the speaker more carefully. 
So if you tell people about the harm caused to you through the story of an alcoholic in the same thing, then people will listen to him better.  You tell them how that person used to quarrel with his wife every day by drinking alcohol, beating his children.  These kinds of stories play with people’s emotions and keep them glued to you. 
After this, you also use your imagination.  While preparing your speech, imagine that many people are sitting in front of you to listen to you and they are listening to you.  Try to think about how you will speak in front of them and how they will feel after listening to you.  When you clearly listen to your listeners in your mind Start looking in front, imagine what gestures you will use when you speak in front of them.  Think about how that gesture will affect your listeners.  How do you say your sentences?  The work of public speaking is also like the work of a poet or writer.  If you can make a picture in the minds of people through your talk, then you too can become a good public speaker.


like every art, the art of public speaking can also be learned through practice.  Before going on stage, prepare your topic well and also take good care of your health so that you can speak well for a long time.  Try to create feelings in people through your talk.  By practicing well every day, you can become better at it. 

What to do? 

Increase the knowledge of your words.  If you have too many words to use, your speech will be better than before.  This will enable you to explain your thoughts better.  So from now on, if you read a book, then note down the words that are new to you and then use them in your speech.
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