How to overcome bad habits and adopt good habits ?

How to overcome bad habits and adopt good habits ?

Habits have a great impact on our life. We do most of our work randomly, from getting up in the morning to brushing and sleeping at night. Due to these habits, we are able to do some work fast. But like everything, there are some aspects of it that can be harmful. Some habits become addictive for us and then they eat us from the inside. So it is very important to understand how these habits are formed, why it is so difficult to leave them, and how we can adopt good habits and leave bad habits.

There are two personalities in us, one who works automatically and one works thoughtfully

Has it ever happened to you that while working, you suddenly start using your phone and then keep using it for an hour? Don’t you sometimes stop yourself from doing something that you know is not healthy for you, like eating pizza? Why is it that sometimes we are not able to stop ourselves from doing some kind of work?

This is because there are two personalities in us. We are only familiar with the personality that works after thinking thoughtfully and after seeing the results of work. But apart from this, there is another personality that works without thinking. It is not under your control, so when it dominates you, you cannot stop yourself.

If you want to leave a bad habit, then first you have to stop this personality from dominating you. Though you can also benefit from developing the working part thoughtfully, the self-working person has more benefits than control.

When you create a new habit, there are many changes in your mind. He creates new cells and makes new connections. When you fully adopt a habit, those cells are fully developed and the connection between them becomes very strong. Similarly, while trying to quit an old habit, you are breaking the connection of your mind and killing the cells, which is a very difficult task.

For example, When you work out, a cell in your brain creates a “go to the gym” that makes a connection to a cell called “Wait there until the workout is over”. By doing this work every day, this connection becomes stronger and then one day you do not have trouble going to the gym and exercising.

Many habits can prove harmful to us

Has it ever happened to you that your friend has told you about a person, that person is not good, but when you actually meet him, you like the person? Many times we inadvertently(accidentally) start doing something that we do not even know. For example, if you hear bad about someone before meeting someone, then you automatically start feeling bad about them.

Apart from this, we do many things inadvertently(accidentally) which we do not know. We blame our bad habits in the outside world and call our good habits our ability. There are many people who say that they smoke cigarettes or alcohol because they have a lot of workload on their heads and they are doing this to reduce their stress. But if those people ever succeed in something, they will not say that it happened because the people with them always encouraged them to become better. They will say that they have succeeded due to their own hard work and dedication.

We often listen to those words that we want to hear. We always ignore those things which according to us are not good things. We do not want anyone to prove our faith wrong and therefore we do not pay attention to those things.

Our habits can sometimes be harmful to us. These habits are formed when we keep doing some work again and again which creates a strong connection in our mind. These habits can be good as well as bad. It is important to know how you can create good habits.

By suppressing emotions, they start to eat you from inside

In earlier times, when the lava of a volcano used to reach their mouth, people would put a big stone on it, so that the lava could not come out for a few days. But over time, the pressure inside the volcano started to rise due to lava, and one day it burst. This caused the lava to come out so much that people did not even get a chance to escape from there.

When you hold anger or any of your misery for too long, it becomes a cause of loss for you. Emotions arise due to a particular event and because we cannot control every event that happens in our life, we cannot control the emotions arising from them. One day, it will start coming out like lava and sometimes it falls on your own people.

For example has it ever happened to you that your boss has scolded you for some reason and you have come home and you get angry with a member of your family, which you regret later?

We keep our feelings suppressed because we think they are wrong or have negative feelings. But the point is to understand that emotions are never wrong. It is not the wrong thing to get angry, just the wrong thing to do in the wrong place. Just think about what will happen if a thief enters your house and you do not get angry. Just think about what will happen if you are crossing the road and you are not afraid of the truck coming in front. In such a situation it is necessary to come out of those feelings which you consider negative.

Sometimes it happens that our consciously working part knows that some work is wrong, but our other part still does that work. In such a situation, we start cursing ourselves or we regret it later. Regrets can also be very damaging in themselves. So do not always try to keep your emotions suppressed. Let them get out from time to time.

Harmful habits are often associated with deep emotions

Many times we adopt wrong habits because we want someone to come to help us after seeing our bad condition. When we start losing life, then often bad habits follow us from the inside. We consciously adopt those habits because we expect that someone will come to save us. Therefore such habits are associated with our deep feelings. We know that these habits are very harmful to us, but still, we keep doing them.

There are two types of people who do this. First comes those who have lost completely. He was never given a chance to try in his life, nor was he ever encouraged to do anything. They feel that it is their destiny to live such a useless life. And so they adopt it and try not to do anything. Other types of losers are those who tried to do something, but they failed so many times and they disappointed themselves and their loved ones so much that they no longer want to disappoint them. They have lost trying.

If you are the first type of person, then you have to understand that no one will come from outside to help you to change a life. And if you are another type of person, then you should keep some small targets for yourself. Smaller targets are easier to achieve and larger targets can also be achieved by the inspiration they get from achieving them. For example, do not say that you will stop smoking cigarettes completely, you should say that you will smoke only once a week from now on.

Addiction is the most dangerous habit because you have very little control over it

Many times we tell ourselves that from now on we will stop drinking alcohol, but after some time we start drinking it again. Whenever an alcoholic gets a chance to drink again, he cannot stop himself. He probably tells himself that by drinking just one more time, he will stop, but after that, he again gets addicted to it.

The connections we make in our brains are very strong. Often we get some relief after getting what we are addicted to. After getting that thing, a hormone called dopamine comes out in our brain, which gives us relief and then we keep doing that work to get relief again and again so that the connection of that habit in our brain becomes stronger.

We can not break them. Whenever we try to leave a wrong habit, we often fail. We regret a lot of doing that work again, which in itself is very harmful. For this, you must first stop thinking that nothing happens once. You may need an outsider to break the connections that have formed in your mind. For example, if you want to get into the habit of exercising every day and you have many friends who exercise, those friends can help you every day and make you get used to exercising.

By keeping an eye on our habits, we can get rid of them

So far we have seen how our habits are formed and why it is so difficult to get rid of them. Now we will answer the question you have been thinking about from the beginning – how to get rid of wrong habits?

For this, first, you have to learn to take a step back. Going a step back means trying to understand yourself by seeing yourself well. It means not to do something when you want to do something, but to stop yourself from doing it. For this, you have to learn to control yourself. The best way to control yourself is to meditate. Find a quiet place and meditate for at least 30 minutes every day. Try to understand your thoughts without saying good or bad. Close your eyes and focus on your breath and let your thoughts come to your mind. Do not try to correct everything, just try to understand yourself. If you do not like to meditate then you can keep a journal with you. Keep writing your thoughts in this journal and by reading the thoughts of every day, try to know what kind of thoughts you get every day and what feeling comes before doing any work. Write in it what is it that makes you do what you do not want to do.

Overall, you must first learn the art of understanding yourself and how to control yourself. You have to learn to control yourself. If you have to make a new habit then pretend to take it. For example, you have to make a habit of being confident, then pretend that you already have a lot of confidence. In this way, a time will come when a connection will be made in your mind and you will get used to it. Eat good food so that you can keep your mind healthy. Try to stop yourself as much as possible because one day it will make it easier to stop yourself and you will be able to give up your habits. Also, try to be with good people because it can help you a lot in forming good habits.


There are two personalities in us. One works by looking at the results and one works randomly. The personality that works without thinking is not under our control and that is why we sometimes do the work that we later regret. By overcoming this personality and understanding our feelings, we can change our habits.

What to do?

Try to understand yourself. To change your habits, first, you have to understand yourself. For this, you have to know your shortcomings by looking at yourself as an outsider. By meditating, you can understand your feelings and your thoughts and in this way, you can start changing your habits. Follow the methods mentioned in this article and you will definitely see changes in yourself.

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