How to have a better relationship?

How to have a better relationship?

There are many languages that are spoken in this world. In addition, everyone has a different way of speaking. If they meet people who speak different languages, they will never be able to speak well to each other. In the same way, there are some languages of love that everyone speaks and feels differently. If you meet someone who is not familiar with your language of love, then you can never have a good relationship. So if you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, then you have to know about those five languages of love. This article tells you which are those 5 languages of love.

The secrets of long term relationship | The 5 languages of love

1/ Complimenting your partner is the first way to express love

There are no words sweeter than words of praise. Agreeing with each other and praising each other can be a good start for love. Let’s see how this work is done.

For this, in simple words, praise your partner. Tell them how beautiful they look or how good they are. Show them that you are really impressed by their habits. Use different words to praise her.

Whenever you hear a new word from somewhere which is used to praise, then you also use it. You can also make a request to your partner using these words. If you request in this way, then your partner will listen to you. Sometimes a request of someone starts to command us. In such a situation, we do not listen to him. Therefore, it is important that you use words that make him feel that you are requesting him rather than giving him a spade.

For example, one day a woman came to a writer for and she complained about her husband that she had been speaking to her husband for 9 months to paint a room but her husband was not listening to her. The writer advised her that she should stop complaining about her husband and start praising him. The woman agreed to the author and only after three weeks she told that her husband had done that work.

2/ Spend more and more time with your partner

In today’s time, everyone is busy with their work. Everyone has their own needs and their own floors, which they are working on to get and are unable to give time to their family. But doing so can prove to be dangerous for your relationship.

The second language of love is to give time to each other. Giving time to each other means being with your partner, listening to them, and paying attention to their antics. Spending time with them means focusing your attention on them when you are with them. If you are not doing this then you are not giving all your time to your partner. Do not do any other work while talking with your partner. It is not a good thing to play on your mobile or talk to your partner while watching TV. By doing this they will feel that you are not with them even after being with them.

While spending time with your partner, talk to them. Apart from this, you can also do some things that both of you like. This work can be anything. You can play something with your partner, go for a walk or talk about some old and good memories. If you like to do something that your partner does not like, then you do not do that work or reduce it.

3/ To express your love, you can give some gifts to your partner.

Giving gifts in love is a very common thing. During Valentines Day, everyone takes a gift for their partner. Apart from this, people give gifts on the day of marriage anniversary or birthdays. From all these things we can say that giving gifts is a good way of expressing love.

If your partner loves gifts, then this can be their language of love. In such a situation, to keep your relationship strong, you should take some gifts for your partner from time to time. Gifts are just a sign that you love your partner. In such a situation, its price does not matter. You see what things your partner likes. Whenever you get a new kind of gift for him/her, pay attention to his/her behavior. This will let you know which gifts your partner likes. Then you can always give him similar gifts. Apart from this, you can also know about his choice from his family or friends.

Some people do not have gifts to give to their partners every time. Sometimes they don’t even have money. In such a situation, keep in mind that the price of the gift does not matter. You can give any gift to your partner. It is simply a sign that shows how much you love your partner.

4/ Plucking hand in partner’s work is also a way to express love

By helping your partner, you can increase the depth of your relationship. You can do anything for them. For example, you can bring children home from school, cleaning the house, cleaning utensils, or doing any work that will give relief to your partner.

Helping your partner makes it clear that you really care about them and want to lighten their burden. Remove the idea from your mind that you will become smaller by doing the work of others. For this, pay attention to what are those things which if you do, then their partner will be happy.

It is not necessary that your partner asks you to do any work only if you do it. You can go on your own and ask him if she needs your help with any work.

Older ideas still exist in some people. According to some people, there are some works that suit only women, not men. You have to remove these feelings from inside you. There is no difference between women and men and no work is small or big. God never said that caring for children is not the work of men or that cleaning the house is only the work of women. We have made these rules and now the time has come to break them.

5/ Touching each other is also a good way to express love

It has often been seen that children who are grown with their arms raised or hugged tend to show greater emotional intelligence as they grow older. This shows that touching or hugging is also a good way to express love. If your partner has this language of love, then you should hold his hand, or hug him often. Work like kissing will increase your love.

Apart from this, you can also do different experiments in your daily life. Even if you do not live together, you can find different ways to stay connected to each other. If you want to show love to your partner through this language, then you should ask your partner clearly what he likes and whatnot. You can touch it in different places and get feedback from it. To know more about it, you can read a book related to it.

Only your partner can tell what your partner likes. Every time ask them if they like it or not. In such relationships, sometimes conflicts are caused by misunderstandings. The only way to avoid this is to decide with your partner what is right and what is wrong.


Love also has a language of its own which, by understanding, you can strengthen your relationship with your partner. These are the five languages- praising each other, spending time with each other, giving gifts, touching, and helping each other. You can make your relationship stronger by understanding your and your partner’s language of love.

What to do?

Help your partner in difficult situations. If you really want to get the love of your partner, then you help him in difficult times. If she is upset about her career or has lost her courage due to something, then if you stand with her then she will feel good.

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