Learn to control your mind | The power of positive thinking

Learn to control your mind | The power of positive thinking

Has it ever happened to you, that you have an aim in life and you really want to achieve it, But whenever you try to do something,  A voice from the back of your head keeps saying- this isn’t gonna work, This aim is not for you, you are not capable of this, this is just a dream, you can’t succeed in this. Did you hear that voice ever? In psychological terms that is called negative thinking.

In this article, you are gonna learn

  • Where do negative thoughts come from in our minds?
  • How can you control your mind from having these thoughts?
  • The power of positive thinking

  • Where it all begins?

    Both positive and negative thinking have the same origin; it all starts in the mind. Your mind has the ability to view things from a perspective where everything is going right and you feel free, or where everything going wrong and you feel trapped. The mind is very powerful, therefore whatever you allow it to perceive will be what you will believe until of course, you change the perception.

    Your thoughts are responsible for every creation that you make about yourself, objects, people, and life in general. The reason why many people are not happy and are unable to achieve their goals in life is that they spend so much time thinking about their limitations and what they do not want, that this is what dominates a big part of their life. When you constantly think, speak and pay attention to what you do not want, you activate it and this is why you will find it repeatedly occurring in your life.

    Free yourself from the negative thoughts and their effects in your life by thinking, speaking, and focusing on the things that you want in life. Your thoughts create what you obsess over, therefore you can change all this. Everything that you are is made from you thought. Your thoughts create the physical world as well, therefore what you have is also a result of what you think about.

    Pay attention to your thoughts

    People always say that your beliefs reflect your reality but the entire truth is that your thoughts always create your reality. There is no way you will be successful if you do not think of yourself as successful. You have to start thinking of how good you are at doing something so that you will be able to achieve it in the actual sense.

    Always pay attention to your thoughts. You need to know the nature of the thoughts that dominate your mind all the time so that you will understand the kind of reality that you are living in. You have to know if you need to change your thought process or not.

    Take a moment to review the thoughts. Do you have thoughts of “I do not want” or thought of “I want”? This should guide you on how you should start. Come up with a list of the things that dominate your mind and come up with a replacement for those thoughts that fall under the “I don’t want” category. This will definitely not be easy but you have to get rid of those thoughts that make it hard for you to move forward and enjoy life.

    Now start creating an idea of how you want your reality to be. Picture yourself happy for instance, being able to communicate freely with other people, able to do everything that you set your mind to do, and achieve success. With a perfect mental picture, achieving it will be much easier than you previously thought.

    Thoughts and beliefs are usually the most powerful tools in this life you have to be conversant with yours in order to control them. There is a great saying that the secret to your success lies in controlling your thoughts.

    How to control your mind from having these thoughts?

    Replace a negative thought in order to erase it completely out of your mind. It is impossible to totally get rid of a certain thought unless you have a perfect replacement for it. Choose positive thoughts wisely and use them to replace every negative thought that keeps playing in your mind.

    This is important to comprehend when you think about what you are thinking about. Negative thoughts keep going on and on, almost as though they are on a never-ending record player. They tell you that you cannot accomplish certain things, that you are making mistakes, that someone else is better than you, that you should be unsure, and so on. Negative thoughts will question everything that you are working towards, instilling doubt and limiting you.

    Always know that situations come and pass. There is no situation in life that will be permanent, therefore do not obsess over anything. There is a tendency in many people to keep thinking of something that went wrong even after years. You need to know that it will pass too and other important things in life will come up. This way, you can deal with it once and for good.

    Fight all your fears with action. Do not sit back and think of how hopeless you are in a certain situation you should take action immediately to prove to yourself that you can easily deal with anything that comes up.

    Never analyze a situation more than you should. If someone hurt you or they said something hurtful to you, take it at face value and do not attach any additional meaning to the words that they have said. Brush off anything negative that comes up and replace it with something good. If you came late and someone was not happy with it, for instance, think of the many occasions that you were earlier than everyone else and you will feel better about yourself. Speak gentle words that will help the situation and move forward.

    Only control what you can and leave the rest. You cannot control people’s actions, beliefs, and words that they say but you can control what you can say, what you believe and how you act, you can only control how you react to people’s actions and words

    Follow these steps from now on

    Be specific

    Make a firm decision as to what it is that you want to do. It’s not enough to say that you want to live a better life, find a better job, or improve your relationships. All of these goals are vague(unclear), without any tangible direction. For example, living a better life can mean absolutely any number of things. For some people, it might mean having more money, whereas for others it might mean caring less about money and material possessions and focusing on simple pleasures. Therefore, the first step to achieving anything in life is to create a solid and well-defined goal, one that can be moved toward by taking specific steps in a specific direction

    When your mind is vague(unclear), unable to make specific decisions, you won’t be able to make any real changes to your life. And that creates negativity. However, when you create a mindset that is specific, detailed, and full of purpose, you will be able to take actions that are equally specific, detailed, and full of purpose. The end result will be that you have a clear vision of where you are, where you want to be, and the path you need to follow in order to reach your destination. Thus, how you think is how you act, and how you act is how you live.

    Surround yourself with positive people

    It will be near impossible to operate your thoughts on a positive mental frequency if the people around you are negative. Negative thinkers will feed your negative thoughts and make it tough for you to see things in a brighter light. You can be deeply affected by the people around you in some way or the other. It happens at such an instinctive or subconscious level via thoughts, feelings, words, emotions, body language, etc. That it is almost missed by your conscious mind.

    When you surround yourself with positive people, they affect the frequency of your thoughts. This is exactly why positive people have so many people surrounding them, while the negative ones are simply avoided. It is about the energies you transmit to other people through your thoughts and actions. Everyone loves to be around pleasant, positive, motivated, encouraging, and inspiring people. When you constantly speak with them, you will realize that you no longer have those demotivated thoughts.


    Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with the subconscious mind, thoughts, and inner self, people who meditate in a consistent and disciplined manner tend to think positively and are more successful at blocking their inner negative self-talk.

    The practice of meditation invites a sense of focus, appreciation, gratitude, and calmness. You start thinking in a more objective and positive manner even about seemingly negative situations or challenges. Meditation clears the cobwebs clouding your mind to help you appreciate the now, which facilitates more positive thinking.

    Breathing is intrinsically linked with your inner feelings and emotions. Noticed how you literally hold your breath while waiting for something with great anticipation. Our breathing pattern is impacted by our emotions, which means you can also control your emotions through the act of the fastest and most effective ways to feel more relaxed, composed, in control, and joyful!

    When you feel great from the inside, you will rarely engage in negative thinking or destructive self-talk. Meditation is about a higher awareness of your actions and helps you feel better. You aren't a robot, operating on autopilot. You are a living being seeking happiness in everyday existence.

  • I hope you understand how can you control your mind from now on. Now let's take a look at why I keep mentioning positivity, what can positive thinking actually do for you?

  • The power of positive thinking

    Positive thinking has multiple benefits such as-

  • Lower your stress levels
  • Reduced instances of depression and other mental health issues
  • stronger immunity
  • A well-developed coping mechanism and resilience during challenging life phase
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular(heart and blood vessels) diseases
  • Increased emotional well-being and psychological health
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • More fulfilling and harmonious relationships
  • Live a longer life
  • The ability to convert challenges into opportunities
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • More physical and mental energy
  • More peace in mind
  • Slow aging
  • Greater clarity of mind
  • And much more

  • Conclusion

    Focus on the positive. Instead of thinking dismal thoughts or anticipating the worst possible outcome, try and focus on the good that you can get and how you can turn the current event into a positive one. For instance, instead of being demoralized by the experiences you have had, consider them as challenges that will improve your life. Also, when negative thoughts try to invade your mind, shut them down immediately. Do not let all sorts of destructive thoughts snowball downhill and come out of control in your mind. become aware of the thoughts you allow to occupy in your mind. you have control to redirect your thoughts into a positive direction, so exercise that authority. this requires awareness and repetition to take control of your thoughts.

    Take responsibility for your actions. Instead of considering yourself as a victim, you can take control by being an active participant in your life. You may often think that life is unbearable and everything around you is conspiring in order to make you unhappy. the choices that you have right now are made and control by you. Therefore, the only person that should be responsible for your happiness and success is you.

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