Now you can know your cholesterol level just by looking at your eyes

Now you can know your cholesterol level just by looking at your eyes

Excess cholesterol is not good for the body. This is one such thing, which accumulates in the bloodstream, it can create obstacles in the blood circulation of different parts of the body. Excess cholesterol greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. So it should be taken care of immediately.

The symptoms of high cholesterol are very difficult for the average person to understand. therefore, it is necessary to check your blood cholesterol levels regularly. in addition to blood tests, some physical symptoms can be signs of high cholesterol levels in the body. One such sign is some abnormal changes in the retina and cornea of the eye.

According to modern research, any changes in these two parts of the eye can indicate high cholesterol levels. What are these changes? according to experts, it is often seen around a person's cornea. there is another word in the language of science. It usually develops with age. however, the ring can be formed in patients suffering from high cholesterol. but the colors can vary slightly. if you have this kind of problem, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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